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The Vision Building: A Chiller Replacement Success Story

The Vision Building in Dundee is a historic mill-turned-modern office space spanning nearly 100,000 sq. ft. The structure retains its historical charm while offering a contemporary city centre environment, complete with a grand glass atrium. Notable tenants like Ninja Kiwi, Henderson Loggie, InGame, and Hyper Luminal Games call this iconic building home.

The Challenge

Upgrading HVAC systems is a nuanced endeavour, often brimming with complexities. Our task: replace the aging air-cooled chiller nearing the end of its useful life. Compounded by the coastal setting, corrosion mitigation was a must. Our directive was clear—seamlessly swap chillers and uncover efficiency gains.

Our Solution

Our approach involved meticulous data analysis, unveiling an opportunity to curtail output capacity by optimizing the underutilized secondary circuit. The journey began by streamlining existing pipework, eliminating the external buffer vessel, and reconfiguring the legacy system for better heat rejection and control. Central to our strategy was the installation of a 715kW Mitsubishi Electric air-cooled inverter-driven chiller, complete with primary pumps and a buffer vessel. This high-efficiency chiller seamlessly integrated into the plant area, guaranteeing the reliability and performance craved for optimal office comfort.

A Turnkey Triumph

This turnkey project encompassed a holistic transformation—old pipework ousted, new electrics installed, seamless plant relocation, and comprehensive project oversight. Out with the old pumps, in with newer, more efficient counterparts armed with inverters. Our decision to embrace high efficiency proved prescient, reaping rewards amid escalating energy markets.

At our core, we champion efficient solutions that blend innovation with comfort, and this case study stands testament to our commitment. The Vision Building’s chiller replacement saga underscores our prowess in seamless integration and efficiency maximization. It’s not just about maintaining a building; it’s about elevating the tenant experience while navigating complexities with finesse.

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