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Solving Industrial Estate Metering Challenges

In a dynamic case that underscores our commitment to serving our clients, we navigated a complex situation involving a private industrial estate featuring multiple tenants, a shared energy supply, and submeters for individual usage tracking.

The Problem

Upon assuming management responsibilities, we identified a substantial issue: the property owner had been covering all gas and electricity expenses for 18 months, without seeking reimbursement from the tenants. This unintended oversight resulted in a financial burden of approximately £60,000 for the landlord. Furthermore, a structured plan for future usage recharges was non-existent.

How We Helped

To address this dilemma head-on, we collaborated with a utility consultant to comprehensively assess the estate’s meter configuration. This involved pinpointing primary meters and submeters across the site. Delving into records from the prior managing agents, we established the last instances of meter readings and conducted fresh readings for all meters to establish a baseline.

Over a span of several months, we meticulously monitored each tenant’s consumption patterns. By analysing these trends, we accurately estimated the average usage that had gone unrecovered. With these estimations in hand, we initiated the process of issuing recharges to each tenant. Clear explanations accompanied these charges, outlining the calculation methodologies employed.


Our efforts bore remarkable fruit as we successfully recuperated 80 percent of the historical charges that had gone unaccounted for. Most notably, we fostered collaborative solutions with tenants to design viable repayment plans for the outstanding balances.

Building upon this success, we enacted a routine of regular meter readings to precisely gauge the consumption of each tenant. We also implemented an advanced funding mechanism. This approach enables us to proactively secure funds from tenants, ensuring the timely settlement of all utility expenditures.

This case illustrates our dedication to not only resolving intricate challenges but also fostering enduring client relationships. Through strategic insights and collaborative solutions, we have demonstrated our ability to surpass competitors and provide unmatched support in commercial property management across the UK.

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